Monday, November 4, 2013

Fantasy Novel

Last term we had to come up with our own fantasy novel. It could be about anything we wanted, we were the authors. Here is my story ...

Chelskaville was an island. An island that was in terrible danger of serving an evil beast. Who was this evil monster? It was ‘Tasman’ in other words, he was called ‘The Tasmanian Devil.’ There once lived a girl who only dressed in the colour green. She wasn't an ordinary girl, this one was a kung fu master. Her name was Buttercups, yes yes she sounds so sweet but really... shes a nasty piece of work.

Chapter 1
She travelled from suburb to suburb, and on her journey, she came across many complications. Her first objective was to get through the jungle off ruthless animals where lions, snakes, spiders, and eagles lived. SLICE! CRACK! BOOM! POW! the jungle felt like a hippity hoppity kangaroo pouncing away from its predators. Looking into the animals eyes, she whispered “I shall not be defeated” she ran showing her kung fu skills ending this battle with a kick in the mouth.  She was extremely puffed, but knew, she had to save her island.

“Hello” Buttercups heard a voice behind her. Slowly moving her head she looked for the mysterious voice. “Excuse me” there it was again, she looked suspiciously. It was a pig that stood at 1.5 feet tall. He had nostrils that were size of two clocks and his face looked as if he had been ran over. Buttercups looked at him like he was wasting her time, he looked so pathetic standing there. She was just starting to walk away when he told her he wanted to join her on her quest and had a secret weapon. “Hmm, what is this weapon you are talking about?” Buttercups said as she rubbed her chin. “Its my tail, it has the power to shoot, bounce, strangle, basically to do anything” Buttercups eyes opened wide and proudly said, “Really? Wow, yes come along then”

Chapter 2
The sound of a great big beast had Buttercups ears plunged towards the castle of doom, where a troll named ‘Hellgar’ was guarding the bottom room. Buttercups and pig crept carefully, making sure no sound was heard. They tip toed and searched for the troll. “Where is he?” Buttercups was curious. BANG! his mud munching feet felt as if it created an earthquake. All the trees had fallen to the ground, making it harder than ever to kill this ferocious monster. The young kung fu fighter Buttercups, kicked, slapped and even pulled his mangy hair. It was no use, this troll is undefeatable. “Or it is?” pig said as one eyebrow lifted and his tail shook like a fluffy dog eager to get its food.

Buttercups had super stealth, she hastily ran around pig winding his tail. “Here it goes!” pig shouted. His tail sprung into Hellgars face, giving him a frightful fall. “Ahhhhhhhhhhr!” Hellgar felt terrible pain, and his eyes watered so hard that pigs stomach became the umbrella. Don’t worry, Buttercups is filled with surprises, she only lifted a 107 kg animal. It took 17 seconds for the troll to stop. It turns out that Hellgar the defeated troll was finally history. Both hero’s proudly walked away heading towards their next objective, the maze. (dun dun dun)

Chapter 3
They hadn't even said one word and already they were lost. They had no idea where they were nor how to get out. Could this be the end? They were seeing the same thing over and over again, branches and bushes. “We should split up, it will make it easier to track down where the exit is” pig suggested. “No we can not leave each others sight. If we split up, one of us may get lost while the other is searching” Buttercups replied. Two hours past, still no clue how they were going to escape from this horrendous maze. “THINK!” pig said to his self. Ding, a flash of light sparkled in his eye as he said “My tail.”

Buttercups eyes opened wider than ever. With a big smile on her face she took hold of pigs tail and stretched it. “Ready?” Buttercups exclaimed. Pigs spidery finger went up and off bouncing he went, leading both heroes out. They were relieved that they had found the way out. More or less, they started to feel like they were hallucinating. This wasn't the end though, Buttercups still had to defeat the great and powerful Tasmanian devil. Light awaited to be seen by Buttercups and pig. Yet, they still couldn't believe the quality of time they spent trapped, nothing to be seen, nothing to do except search. They marched out of the maze heading to the last challenge, Tasman.

Chapter 4
There he was, standing in front of them looking like a piece of bread that had gone off. His eyes were green, his fur was starting to moult and drips of dribble were hanging from his mouth. Out of nowhere, he charged at pig with kick, making sure that he hadn't been in the way of defeating Buttercups. SPLASH! pig had fallen into a deep hole. “Pig, noooooo!” Buttercups was furious. She rapidly grabbed anything she could find and threw it at Tasman. It didn't even put a dent nor a scratch on him. After a while, she felt genuinely fatigued and couldn't even move one foot ahead of the other.

CRASH! Buttercups fell to the ground with her eyes on Tasman. She thought of her island, and what Tasman would do to them, making her even more keen to destroy this non hearted monster. “I won’t let you do this, I won’t let you take the lives of the people on Chelskaville” Buttercups uttered in pain. “Hahaha if you think you can defeat me, then think again. I know that I will rule the whole of Chelskaville and no one, absolutely NO ONE is going to stop me, not even you” Tasman confidently said confidently. Buttercups got up standing 5 feet away from him and had her legs ready to run at him. SMACK! Tasman tragically dropped to the ground, laying there for a long time.

Buttercups ran to pig making sure he was conscious. Pig looked up and proudly said, “Well done Buttercups, you sure are the hero of our island” They travelled back to Chelskaville feeling happy that their lives and the citizens of their island could finally live like normal people. Not having anyone to rule them and tell the what to do. Buttercups and pig led everyone to a small part of Chelskaville called Ch, and from that day on, Buttercups told her children, and her children told their children NEVER TO ACT LIKE YOU KNOW EVERYTHING, because if you do, you could end up like the Tasmanian devil.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween :D

Halloween was two days ago and already, all the lollies I collected were confiscated by my parents. Halloween was the night, the night that children from all over the world got to go trick or treating. This was also the day where I had turned 14 years of age. My cousins and I went house by house, obtaining different kinds of treats such as, lollies, lollie pops, chocolates and fruits. We had left the house around 6:30, decorating the pram with spider webs and creepy spiders too.

We were eager to collect as many treats as possible. We started off wondering around the spider-man park. Other children were walking past us, trying their very best to give us a fright. It didn't work. However, as it was getting darker, we found a little 3 year old child on the road, lost, lonely and crying. "Where's your mummy and daddy? Are you alright?" I exclaimed. We went to one house, carrying this child and asked if they knew her. 

They pointed in the direction where this kid had lived. I ran towards the door, told them what was going on and then continued on. It was 9 pm, everyone was sleeping. My cousins and I took our time as we walked home. The first step I took inside of my house, I smelt a rather delicious smell. "Cake, pizza, curry and sausages, mmmmmmm!" I examined. This couldn't get any better.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. My family, friends and even the people I didn't know on Facebook. You guys rock my world!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New school, New Friends, New Teachers!

Waking up excited to start my new school, Tamaki College. I couldn't believe this was the year, the year I was going to start this college. The butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I nervously stepped into my class. 9PFn is the name, also known as extension one. I knew some of the students already from primary and intermediate.

Period three goes past, everyone was asking me which school I had come from. I then proudly replied "I came from Point England!" The shyness slowly faded away throughout the entire day.  I met a lot of new friends and teachers too. I felt like this was the beginning of my journey and that I needed to try my hardest.

So far this year, I have done extremely well. I wouldn't have had the skills I have now if it wasn't for my teachers at Point England School. Miss King, Mr Barks, Miss Lagitupu and Mr and Mrs Burt. Thank you for helping me strive to succeed.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chelsea PEPA 2012

PEPA (Point England Performing Arts) has been an extraordinary experience. I would like to say thank you to Miss Muliaumasealii for giving up her time not just at school but also in the holidays too. I sure learnt a lot of new things including respecting people, controlling your vocal cords and I also learnt new moves in hip hop. I would like to say merry Christmas and a happy new year to all PEPA performers and the supporters. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Could It Possibly Be? The Mummy Returns

Swiss! The wind blew the travellers vigorously as they stood at the airport ready to take off to Egypt. They wanted to seek a special artefact that was hidden in the ground for centuries.

“Please buckle your seatbelts, this is going to be a bumpy ride” the pilot spoke with horror. “We are landing in 3, 2, 1” The aeroplane struck down towards the sand making it look like a cloud in the sky be thrown about. Not a thing was found until Mariamme one of the scientist, could see and ancient pyramid. Little by little drips of water fell as they were walking. John was the youngest traveller and decided to take a tiki tour around.

He was enjoying alot, infact he wanted to live here FOREVER. There were lots of antiquated paintings on the wall which were written in a different language. John thought it meant treasure ahead but it actually said November is the month when all the mummies come alive. “OH NO” John exclaimed. He was about to get captured by a mummy. He hastily ran the way he came but couldn’t find his way out, it was like a maze.

Approximately 15 minutes passed and all had been doing was screaming HELP. His heart was beating, ba boom ba boom. He needed a miracle in order to get away. “Could it possibly be?” John was extremely relieved. There was a container that was empty and smelt disgusting. Running, stepping, closing, resting everything was all over.

Soon enough the other scientists found John and all travelled back to the airport. Remember, never go wandering around by yourself. Especially when you're in a pyramid

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Day Filled With BOOMS and BANGS

Why Is Guy Fawkes so special? Well Guy Fawkes got its name from a man who fought for the Spanish team in the low countries. He was a member of the English Catholics who planned the failed gunpowder plot of 1605.

It came to the 5th of November 2012 when everyone let off a lot of furious sounds that went BOOM and BANG. My family had just gone out to buy a box of guy fawkes or did they? They said they would searched everywhere for a box of these dangerous bangers.

When they got home I ran towards the van hoping there would be at least 20 bits of sticks or other ones in a round shaped container filled with gunpowder. “Noooo!” I depressingly said as I heard that they all were sold out. My dad had a wonderful solution to this horrible problem. “Here are some from last year” I was relieved when I saw that there were rockets, roman candles and even some cascades.

I went outside and lit all the roman candles. My cousin taught me how to make a bomb just by biting a cascade, putting it in a steady position and lighting it. One side of the cascade was blocked so there was only one way for the force to go out. A big BOOM! made two car alarms go off. We said sorry to the neighbour and off we went.

At the end we just sat and watched the sparkling night sky filled with colors. This was one of the best guy fawkes days ever! and thats what makes guy fawkes so special

Monday, November 12, 2012

This Was The Best Vacation EVER!

Down by the river lived two girls named Alice and Megan. The two girls didn't really get along they had a lot of disagreements! Unfortunately for them both their mothers were best friends, it was almost time for the summer holidays.  Alice had already started coming up with  big plans and so did Megan. Alice crept through the passage, hoping she wouldn't wake her mum she overheard a conversation coming from the living room.

“Maybe we should talk to the girls about this”, Megans mum whispered. “Trust me they’ll be fine, besides they’re 17, they’re teenagers, this trip will make them grow closer to each other, just like we did!” Alice's mum said firmly!

Late that night their mothers called for a meeting. Alice was first on scene, Megan had come in a little bit after her. Liz, Alice’s mum and Chelsea, Megans mum had finally arrived they had files in their hand, which Alice saw to be airline tickets. Liz decided to tell the girls everything.

“You two are going on a trip to Mount Doom, we've paid for all reservations and tickets” Chelsea carried on “And also you two will come back best friends, one more thing... you leave tomorrow at dawn, have a good time!”

5:35 am Alice and Megan’s alarm clock went off, they both rushed around the house, they got all dressed up packed their bags, said their goodbyes and off they went. On the plane, eyes glued to the window Megan couldn't and wouldn't relax! Alice sat there and read the papers her mum gave them, on the front of the paper had a picture of where they were about to go, on the back was a yellow note it said

“We’ve arranged a taxi to pick you up,  just look out for your names it should say Alice or maybe megan  Megan, good luck.”  The plane had finally landed after a 7 hour trip of doing absolutely nothing. Megan and Alice both were very surprised on what they saw.

“Everything I see is is is, nothing compared to the map I have.”

“Welcome to Monte Carlo. I hope you have enjoyed your trip” said a lady behind Megan said.

“ Oh no no ” Megan yelled confusingly “ This is not happening, we did not just get on the wrong plane, we couldn't have!”

“Relax Meg” Alice said with a very calm voice “we’re fine see there's the man with my name on his card, lets go.”

“Wow , look Meg we got a limo” Meg replied “Alice I'm not sure this is our-” “yes, yes this is ours,!” Alice cut of Megans sentence!

“Welcome to your hotel miss Alice” The woman behind the counter said. Alice and Megan we have a room for you, the two just couldn't wait to jump on their bed and have a sleep. Up the stairs they went following the lady.

Alice whispered “Oh my gosh, Megan look at it, it’s awesome”

Megan replied “Wow, it’s beautiful”

a soft voice grew stronger “ Miss Alice, Miss Alice”

“Yes, yes is there anything I could do for you?” Alice said impatiently.

“Miss Alex” The woman kept saying “We didn't know you had guess, would you like us to bring extra to the dinner?”

“Yes please, and if you don’t mind I’d like to have the room to myself for a moment, shuffle on by, if I need anything I’ll be sure to call down!” Alice tried to say with a British accent.

Chocolate on the big fluffy pillows, juice on each side of the bed. Gold coating on the phone. Diamond bath on the left of the bath which looked like a spa. Everything was just perfect.

“Meg, this is what we deserve” she said nicely

Megan replied “ How are we going to get home? Will we be here forever?”

Alice said firmly “Don’t be ridiculous, trust me we’ll make it home, anyway go to sleep we got a big day ahead of us!”

“Goodnight Alice.” Said Megan

Early in the morning Megan woke up, as her eyes slowly opened she saw a man  with his hands of her face with a hot towel. She slowly got up, and as she did the  man gave her the wet towel and directed her to where the shower was, she opened a very large cupboard and out poured cloths and there also was a suitcase, she opened the suitcase and all she saw was make up. She had her shower and it took forever for her to choose what to wear.

Shaking Alice, Megan yelled “ WAKE UP ALICE, come on we have to go”

“I had a lovely sleep Meg, did you?”

As Alice slowly opened her eyes she thought she saw the sun in her room!

“What do you think?” Meg said excitedly

“ I love it,  yellow sun-dress totally your thing!” Alice lied.

Off they went to the beach. They sat on the nice hot sand.  Just as they were going to lie on the sand and try to relax, they hear a voice behind them.

“Excuse me Miss Alice, I've ordered Tanning seats for you please make way for them.”

“Why thank you,  We shall move over, hurry along, I can’t stand here for ages.” Alice said with the fake British voice.

Having a great time swimming, hiking and meeting new people, unfortunately their holiday was over.  No arguing had happened nothing, their mums made it work, the two girls were finally best friends! They caught the flight home. From that day on the girls had grown up just like their mothers best friend’s and they all lived happily ever after.